What kind of service do you provide?
With years of experience in immigration, we have mastered the processes involved in recruitment. UGOC has member on staff that provides Immigration Services as well. We will assist in obtaining:
·         The working permit
·         Extension on the Work Permit

How long does the process take ?
The length of the process depends on the position of the company is recruiting for and the country they wish to recruit from. The shortest time frame to have a foreign worker in Malaysia is approximately 2 months. The waiting times to acquire a foreign worker from beginning to end range from approximately 3-4 months.

What countries do you recruit from?
UGOC can recruit from country approved by KDN, but specialize in select countries due to the availability of workers and the success rate of the immigration process per country. Currently we specialize in recruiting from Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and etc.

What positions do you recruit for?
Our primary focus is to assist your organization by matching you with the right employees based on your specific needs. We provide placement services primarily in the welding, manufacturing and service industries on a permanent basis. We do this while building partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and professionalism.

Can a foreign worker work for someone else?
Foreign workers who obtain Malaysia working permit are not able to work for any other employer.

What are my obligations to my foreign worker?
As an employer, you are obligated to treat foreign workers the same as you would treat your local workers. A contract between the foreign worker and potential employer is signed before the foreign worker is granted their work permit. This contract outlines the obligations made between the employer and the employee.

Do we still have to deduct EPF and other taxes from foreign workers?

Where will the workers live?
We can assist your company in finding accommodation for your foreign employees for a small fee, or to assist the workers in securing their accomodations.

How long can the worker stay here?
Length of stay in Malaysia is under a 3 years contract.

How much do your services cost?
Our company has several packages available to suit your needs.